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This site and this forum are really my grand experiment, in a way.  I love the art of Wing Chun and I think that it has a very bad reputation in the modern era that it does not deserve.  I want to bring respect back to the Art and in my opinion the only way to get respect as a fighter and fighter art is to earn it – through fighting. 

A lot of people might disagree with me on that, disagree with what I am doing, disagree about the way I am doing it, disagree about the fact it needs to be done - but I am also finding more and more that are of a similar mind.  We love this art and don’t like the fact it is shit on.

Other people misunderstand what I am doing.  I get some weird emails for sure.  They also misunderstand the “Wing Chun Fight Club” and the forum thinking they have nothing to offer or give because they are old and don’t want to fight anymore.  There are a number of guys who want to participate with what I am doing but don’t have or want to get a video of them fighting.  Let me just say right now I want all of you to contribute and join us on this site.  Being in the “Club” and sending me a fight video is only a formality letting me know 1) you can really fight and 2) giving us a way to promote the art by SHOWING it works. Sure, there are some cool benefits to it, but I still want you on the forums, writing articles, and lending us your experience if you have used the art.  We are not excluding you because you are older, wiser, and don’t fight anymore. Please, please, join us and the cause in any way you can.

So this is my experiment.  Can we bring respect back to this art we all love and bring it back to dominance as the premiere striking art in the world in the minds of the masses?  We shall see.

Why does Wing Chun have a bad rep?  A lot of reasons really, but most simply because 99.9% of the Wing Chun guys out there suck.  This is something all good Wing Chun fighters agree on. One of the Fighters just told me last night that some Jiu-Jitsu guys in his area were bragging they beat up this Wing Chun guy.  He was like, “So what?  If he came to my school I’d kick his ass too!”  Believe it or not most Wing Chun fighters are like that.  They’ll take out a crappy Wing Chun guy faster than anyone else.  (As a side note this same fighter was teaching their Jiu-Jitsu teacher Wing Chun for his stand-up).

I won’t go into why, that part is sort of complicated, but the fact is, that most people do not practice the art correctly or understand it.  Even most teachers of the art.  And they don’t have any real experience fighting.  They are like swimming coaches that have never been in the water themselves.  They can give you the theory and show you how to paddle (in the air) but when you jump in you will start to flounder and drown unless you are lucky or figure things out real quick.

And even those that do understand the art and how to fight with it and have REAL experience using it can’t always pass what they know on.  I mean I can honestly say the 4-5 top fighters in the art I personally know and have taught for 20-30 years are lucky to have 1-2 real good fighters they have trained.  Lucky.  Some have 4-5 good guys, and most have none.  After a while they kind of give up and stop even trying. 

Fact is, in the modern world, people don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to the art the way is should be taught.  It can be passed on in a short period of time compared to other styles, but that is REAL time put into the art learning and mastering it and hours and hours of training and fighting.  People don’t do that anymore.  (And those of you that do I want to know about!)

So this is one of the core reasons, in my opinion, that most Wing Chun guys are no good and lend the art a bad name.

The closest thing in the modern world we have to people putting real time in to master a fighting system are the high level Pro MMA fighters. And these are some tough bastards for sure.  Complete fighters as well.  But the downside to them in terms of this art is that MMA is in essence a game.  It is a competition and the “Art” of MMA has evolved around the rules. 

Wing Chun is not a game and does not pay you for mastering the system and fighting.  [After a session of pressure testing Wing Chun takedown defense in a real life situation (no rules) with a MMA fighter and ground specialist he said, “You know, I MIGHT be able to push though [your defense] take you down, but I could not do it without being seriously, seriously hurt. And even then I have a real fight on my hands with you on the ground and it would not be easy.  I would not walk away intact, if at all.” ]  So it is harder to attract people to train it the way it is meant to be trained.  It does not work as well in a ring with rules as other arts do.  It can and has been used correctly in the ring, but is usually not.  So it is harder to bring respect to the art through the avenue of MMA and attract people to the art through MMA, but that is still a goal for many of us.  It can be done. 

Anyway, this is just an introduction to the site, the Fight Club, and about my little experiment.  If you are of a similar mind let see what we can do to bring respect back to the art.


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