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This site is dedicated to Wing Chun Fighters.   "Application is the only way to verify the truth" (Buddah, c 550 B. C.) 

This site is no longer maintained and is not open to new users. You can still use the forum if you are already registered.

Wing Chun Fight Club is a private non-political club dedicated to promoting the art of Wing Chun Kung-Fu through fighting and hard sparring.   To become a member you must prove to the existing members you are similar minded and dedicated to similar goals.  Read over the Fight Club Requirements and Member Benefits see if this is something you would like to join.

  • We don't talk politics, we don't BS; we fight, train, learn from each other's fights, fight, and train some more. 
  • We don't care about lineage, or how you use your Wing Chun, or if it looks different than what we know.
  • We really don't care if your Wing Chun fighting is crisp or currently sloppy - only that you are fighting and using it, and wanting to make it better. 
  • We are determined to show the world what a Wing Chun Fighter can really do - both in the ring and in the street. 
  • We respect each other, other Wing Chun lineages different than our own, other martial arts, and other fighters. 
  • We are respectful, but may not actually have a lot of respect for you if you talk a lot of sh*t, don't fight, teach without fighting, bash us for fighting or the way it looks, etc.  Talk sh*t to us and you better be able to back it up, because you know we'll fight you :) 
  • We believe the only way to learn to fight with Wing Chun is to fight. It is the only way to determine what works.  Yip Man told all of his students not to trust him and to go out and fight to see if what was telling them was the truth. We think that is a darn good idea.  (And we can tell who never did that).
  • We believe it is better to learn a Wing Chun move from a nobody off the street if it works, rather than a famous Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun) Sifu that doesn't work.
  • We believe at the end of the day, when it really gets down to it, it doesn't matter what the fight looked like, or how you used your Wing Chun, etc.  Only that you are alive and well, and your attacker is not (well).
  • We respect our local laws in regards to fighting and challenge matches.

The Wing Chun Fight Club was founded by Aaron Cantrell in May 2006.  Aaron is the founder of the Wing Chun Archive, Everything Wing Chun, and Wing Chun Pedia.

My Experiment - The Wing Chun Fight Club
This site and this forum are really my grand experiment, in a way.  I love the art of Wing Chun and I think that it has a very bad reputation in the modern era that it does not deserve.  I want to bring respect back to the Art and in my opinion the only way to get respect as a fighter and fighter art is to earn it – through fighting. 
Wing Chun Chi Sao and Fight Tournaments

Current Fight Club members are working on new sets of rules for Chi Sao and Wing Chun Fighting Tournaments, and will be hosting a huge tournament next year or early 2008.  For more info stay tuned or goto the forum.

Visit the fourm (Rules for Tournaments) and let us know your thoughts on the proposed rules.  We need the opinion of the community at large to hammer these out.



Anyone who does Wing Chun is well aware of its effectiveness and most people who don't do Wing Chun don't believe it works; therein lies the problem. We want to hear the stories of when you crossed paths with a non-believer foolish enough to try to challenge your skills. Or the stories of when you simply had to defend yourself and were successful in applying the techniques of Wing Chun. Shoot us the stories in an email or post them on the forum so we can share them with the rest of the Wing Chun World.

Fight Club Requirements
The Wing Chun Fight Club is a collection of fighters who have learned to use what Wing Chun they were given and have proven themselves in battle.  This, in essence, is the core requirement to be a member of the Fight Club.
Member Benefits

Becoming a member of the WCFC is not only prestegious, but brings you a lot of other benefits as well...

Alan Orr and 4 of his Wing Chun NHB Fighters Join the Club!
Sifu Alan Orr and 4 of his Fight Team members have joined the club.  These guys are out there testing themselves and their Wing Chun.
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