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  Link   Cyclone Wing Chun
Fight Club Member, Alex Wright's, Website. Check it out!
  Link   http://www.wckfc.com/index.htm
Ip Ching's offical site, also my lineage, I am learning under Master Train in Clio (Flint) Michigan, check it out
  Link   Scott Baker
  Link   the Wing Chun Tea House
Wing Chun Teahouse is distributed quarterly in electronic Adobe .pdf format and online via the magazine's website. The mission of the magazine is to provide a non-political forum for Wing Chun practitioners world-wide to broaden their exposure to
  Link   Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute
Founded by Brian Scanlon and hosted by the Wing Chun Archive family of sites, this site is dedicated to researching the original Wing Chun forms and art form. This site is a must visit! (Coming Soon)
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